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Vellend Tech Inc. was founded in 1990 in order to provide top of the line bicycles and bicycle parts
and accessories to the Canadian Independent Bicycle Retailer.

As a leader in the Canadian cycling industry, Vellend Tech is the national distributor
for fourteen premiere brands including:

Breezer, Eddy Merckx, Fuji, LeMond, One Way, Prologo, Santini,
SE Bikes, Scicon, Sidi, Sportbalm and Vredestein.

Fuji SE_Bikes Breezer Eddy Merckx
Sidi Santini Vredestein Scicon
Prologo Sportsbalm OneWay LeMond


Fuji 2017
SE Bikes 2017
Breezer 2017
Eddy Merckx 2017
Sidi 2017
Scicon 2015
Scicon 2015 Vredestein 2017 Scicon 2017
2017 NEW
SE Bikes
2017 NEW
2017 NEW
Eddy Merckx
2017 NEW
2017 NEW
Sidi Parts
2017 NEW
2017 NEW
Prologo 2017 OW Apparel OW Ski          
2017 NEW
2016 NEW
2016 NEW


Contact us: 416-251-5006
Toll free: 1-800-668-4555
E-mail: info@vellendtech.com
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